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Here you can find standard Terms for most of our auctions as well as State Resale and Exemption forms. At the bottom of the page you can find links to learn more about State Auction Laws & Rules as well as General Information Regarding Auctions. Just click on the links for a downloadable PDF.
Planning on coming to one of our auctions? Then check out our general terms page here. These terms are applicable to most auctions unless otherwise indicated.
Wanting to come to a Storage Auction? Be sure to check out the terms here before you go. These are a list of terms for all of our storage site auctions.
Here you can find the State Resale Form for those vendors and dealers needing a State Resale Number.
This link will take you to the State Exemption Form for taking care of your tax exemption needs.
Have a question about Auction Laws? This link will take you directly to the State's auction laws site where you can get a clearer definition.
The State Auction Rules is a set of guidelines both the Auctoneer and the buyers must abide by. To learn more just click the link above.
Keep up to date with all of the news regarding auctions from the State and the TDLR.